UK not hiring pinoy nurses

MANILA, Philippines – Bad news for Filipino nurses harboring the hope of landing on a job at the United Kingdom.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announced on Thursday that the UK has not opened new job opportunities for nurses.

“Except for a few, old job orders in our accreditation database, the POEA has not received nor approved fresh job orders for nurses from UK employers,” POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) earlier announced that a total of 27,823nursing graduates passed the June 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination.

A total of 60,895 examinees took the examination nationwide.

Considering that the demand for nurses in the UK has remained stagnant for almost two years now, many Filipino nurses were forced to look for other job opportunities in other countries.

Cacdac said, however, there are a few National Health Services trusts and care homes that were able to hire nurses and senior carers in recent months.

He added that other Filipino nurses can also look for other job vacancies in other host countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia and other European countries.


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